Adrienne Gans


Adrienne Gans is a photographer and psychologist. She uses both disciplines in a complementary way in creating fine art. For example, photographers and psychologists have contrasted what our senses perceive versus what our intellect knows, which is the focus of Botanical Light. Similarly, photographers and psychologists have explored the idea of a psychological landscape and the dramas unfolding in them, which is the subject of Mythos. Adrienne teaches at New York University and is a writer/speaker on the subject of psychology and art.


Group shows

2009: The Cranwell, Lenox MA
2001: Emeryville, CA Festival of the Arts: Botanical Light Series
2000: Emeryville, CA Festival of the Arts: Mythos Series


Green Bay Alliance: Documentary photography of growing sprawl in East Bay, CA

Program Director for: The Cultivate Your Gardens Program, Berkeley, CA High School.   Photojournalism as project-based learning with at-risk teenagers

Published Work and Presentations

Gans, A. (1987)  The war and peace of the Vietnam Memorials (photojournalism project on psychology in public art). American Imago, 44,315-329.

Gans, A. (1979) Development of iconography in the art work of Wassily Kandinsky. Paper presented to the American Psychological Association Convention, New York.

Gans, A (1998) The Cultivate Your Gardens Program. Paper presented to the American Psychological Association Convention, San Francisco.


  Photography studies:

          City College of San Francisco

   International Center for Photography, New York

   Maine Photography Workshops

Psychology studies:
       Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

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