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Botanical Light

Botanical Light is a study in the way light and wind move through the surfaces of arranged botanicals, reflecting the visual effects captured by the camera. This work is inspired by the tradition of Impressionist painting where a light palette reveals the sensual experience of nature changing continuously with every breeze, lifting cloud, and time of day. The intention in Botanical Light is for the viewer to delight and linger in the luscious color, breezy movements, and atmospheric sensations. The camera makes a good magician and its illusions are these photographs.



These photographs are symbolic portraits captured using a cast of figurines and miniature props. The action taking place in these interior landscapes are drawn from personal associations, mythology and reflections about public figures. Creating the photographs in Mythos is a celebration of Psyche herself. She directs and produces the play and is herself the theater where the drama unfolds.

Technical Note: I do not use the compositional manipulation or collaging features of Photoshop to compose or create these images. Prints are Epson Archival Ink Jet prints.  Chromogenic prints are available upon request.


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